Portfolio, Programme & Project Management


The Expede Group has a team of permanent professional portfolio, programme and project managers and business analysts with decades of experience working with universities across the UK on projects from full scale infrastructure refreshes through to the implementation of virtual learning environments. The team is supported by a ‘bench’ of additional capacity, with a breadth and depth of experience in particular  specialist areas, including Datacentre implementation and Service Migration, Identity & Access Management, Security, Technology Enhanced Learning, VLEs, CRMs, Service Management, Desktop/VDI, AV, Wired & Wireless Networking, Finance and HR.

Our PMO manages priorities, resources, finances and logistics in the back ground to ensure our managers are focused on your needs, always.

Why now is the right time for Portfolio, Programme & Project Management in higher education

  • Demand in high education is at a record high and the pace of change means it’s difficult to prioritise and respond with incumbent resources;
  • On-boarding ‘permanent’ capacity is time consuming, and demand for ‘instant’ capacity cannot be met through traditional recruitment techniques;
  • Using ‘contract’ resource often means ‘making do’ with the contractor’s limitations in experience and a full time commitment for 6 months or more;
  • Now is the time to consider a coordinated, flexible, experienced, cohesive, on-demand solution to your portfolio, programme, project management  and associated resourcing needs and The Expede Group has the knowledge-base, structure and experience to deliver on your requirements.

Portfolio Review

    •    Kick-off meeting
    •    Portfolio Vision and Benefits Expectation
    •    Stakeholder Mapping
    •    Current State Baseline Recognition


Gap Analysis

•    Future State Envisionin
•    Gap Analysis: capacity,capability, environment, governance, etc
•    Recommendations and Revised Portfolio Plan 



•    Team selection andonboarding
•    PMO Portfolio Support Initiation
•    Governance arrangements in place



•    Demand, delivery and transition management
•    Training, coaching and knowledge transfer
•    Service feedback loop



•    Ramp-down/off-boarding of resource
•    Lessons Learned
•    Documentation hand-over
•    Continuous Improvement Planning 


 Access to expertise to complement your existing capacity as and when you need it, deployed rapidly



 Only pay for what you need


The team uses (and transfers) the latest management tools and techniques to quickly drive the portfolio forward, meeting your objectives


Stakeholder engagement and benefits realisation means each party is brought along for the journey and goals are met


Good governance, review against established KPIs and open and honest reporting ensures transparency of programme progress and effectiveness


Lower risk and financal exposure



A simple, sliding scale

We have a very simple sliding scale charging model with day rates that are directly proportional to the size of portfolio, programme or project and the length of commitment you make to the resources on assignment. 

Package days to draw down later

It is also possible to procure a ‘bank’ of days in advance to secure the best rates and draw down on those days over time.


Day rate shown in GBP (£)